Following a die-off of my biological filter (long story), one of my female guppies suffered nitrite burn to her gills in the chaos. Though she recovered from that through salting the tank a bit and keeping her in a netbox separate from the other guppies while she recovered, it apparently stressed her enough that she contracted a form of bacterial dropsy. I've since treated with Maracyn and she's swollen down a LOT in the meantime, and she's overall acting more like her old self though still a little wobbly. Her scales are still pinecone'd out a bit, and it appears that she's lost a couple scales in the process.

Is the scale-loss normal? There's one missing and one still partially attached with no signs of injury or other missing/detaching scales. In the meantime I'm still medicating for another day or two until either her scales are less protruding again or she doesn't appear to improve further.