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  1. Default LFS Mentioned these to me, what are your opinions

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    Looking for a smaller fish that will eat algae (I don't have anything major) but I have always liked plecos etc. I will supplement with algae waffers. Had wanted pitbull pleco, but they are seeming hard to find, impossible locally. Reason I leaned that way was since they eat algae, hardier than otos, and didn't destroy wood.

    I understand some eat wood, but is it going to just be a little, or will my piece of driftwood disappear quickly?

    LFS recommended:
    Reticulated Hillstream Loach: I like it, stays small, only concern is that I don't have a fast current... (also, do they need to school?)

    Whiptail Cats: 4.7" max - anyone with experience or info on these guys?

    Rhino / Clown Pleco - don't really care for both, rhino too big, and clown really doesn't eat algae

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    Please - only buy a fish you like - not to eat algae - it's up to the tank owner to clean algae and determine what is causing it in the 1st place so it doesn't continue growing. Yes, loaches need a group and some plecos grow very large.

    I think what you are looking to add to your tank (what I see in your signature) will be overstocking it if you get everything listed there, plus I don't know how compatible the gouramis are going to be with what you already have in there - corys are fine as long as you get a group

  3. Default

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    I don't plan to get a fish just to clean algae, needs to be something I like, but would just like one that will occasionally nibble on the stuff growing on the tank decor.

    The mickey mouse platys #s are high b/c 16 of them are fry (less than 1/2"). Once they start getting larger I plan to pick about 10 of them to keep and send the rest to a friend / LFS

    The male DG has been good with everyone so far, kinda plays the grampa of the tank, when the little ones go in what we call his cave, even if he isn't in it, he swims over and sits in the cave. Doesn't bother the little ones just "this is my cave, get your own" - in grumbly old granmpa voice lol

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    Aqadvisor image using the pitbulls (however those are what I am looking to replace)
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I dont' use aquadvisor - there are some on the forum who don't like using it because it doesn't advise about compatibility - I question about having several gouramis in a community tank as they grow larger (considering aggression and/or breeding behavior).

    My understanding of plecos is that they need wood for digestion purposes - I don't know how much they actually eat though.

  6. Default

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    **Dwarf Gourami :) typically max size 2-3". And I know multiple males is a no go

  7. Default

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    I don't know much about the whiptails, but they sure do look cool. I have been thinking about trying them myself. As far as the reticulated, I don't think they are as group dependent as other loaches, but they really do need a fast current. Also another kind much like them that i really like are the Tweedies loach. They look like little birds. As far as the play goes eating the wood, it is not enough that you will ever notice. They merely needed to aid digestion, and they eat the microfilm that grows on it. But it's not enough that you will notice anything missing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by andreahp
    Please - only buy a fish you like - not to eat algae - it's up to the tank owner to clean algae and determine what is causing it in the 1st place so it doesn't continue growing.

    +1 to this over and over again.

    Your one DG may be fine, but I wouldn't recommend more than 2 in that tank, and ONLY 2 if you have it heavily planted/sectioned off for each get their own area.
    It is how those fish are-they need area to have as their own and other gourami's invading it-they will kill each other.
    Gourami's offer no resistance to the tetras/smaller fish because they get out of the way when needed.

    algae is in the tank due to an incorrect balance of your set up-ferts/lights/food/ will cause algae.
    if you never fix this issue, it'll never go away

    all my fish peck at the algae every once in a while in my tank, but never eat it steadily.

    question for the drift wood-they munch on it. but nothing more.
    i've had my pieces of wood in the tank for near a year, and you can't even tell if the pleco has ate stuff or not-it would take decades for a pleco to eat that much. lol. they need the wood for nutritional/digestive purposes.

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    I agree with Andrea about aquadvisor, I don't use it either, you realy need to reasearch the different fish youself.
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    How about some otto's that will eat the algae off everything? Pleco's will not eat algae off plant leaves and they need to be fed more than algae pellets.

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