Looking for a smaller fish that will eat algae (I don't have anything major) but I have always liked plecos etc. I will supplement with algae waffers. Had wanted pitbull pleco, but they are seeming hard to find, impossible locally. Reason I leaned that way was since they eat algae, hardier than otos, and didn't destroy wood.

I understand some eat wood, but is it going to just be a little, or will my piece of driftwood disappear quickly?

LFS recommended:
Reticulated Hillstream Loach: I like it, stays small, only concern is that I don't have a fast current... (also, do they need to school?)

Whiptail Cats: 4.7" max - anyone with experience or info on these guys?

Rhino / Clown Pleco - don't really care for both, rhino too big, and clown really doesn't eat algae