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    How much are you feeding? Are you just dumping in massive amounts of food?
    Yes caught me. I normally put in about 4 large pinches 2x daily even though the directions, people on here, and my common sense told me to do otherwise. I figured both of us should look up the word impertinent and condescending.......

    Lady Hobbs
    I'm not sure if you caught it but I think the cory dying is what caused the ammonia spike. I thought he was alive and laying behind a rock but he could have just not floated up to the top yet. If that is the could have been more than 12 hrs. I thought doing a huge water change (about 70%) would drop the level and it didn't which is why I reposted on here. Things had looked pretty good up until then. I do not know why my nitrates were 160 that first day or why it dropped.

    I did stop using the ammonia reducer but when I couldn't get the level to drop after TWO 70-85% water changes so THEN I decided to give it a try....I figured it could't hurt it other then reduce it. Perhaps I am wrong...perhaps there is something in an ammonia reducer that is harmful to the tank and fish. If it is....perhaps it should be yanked from the store shelves.

    EVERY single time I change the water I use PRIME. I mix it with the NEW water before I add it. (I can follow directions) .I have used it 100% of the time since the night my tank leaked and I switched it to this one. I have been doing about 1/4 a cap which should be PLENTY if not too much for a 5 gallon tank since the directions say a cap is good for 50 gallons.

    I have not TOUCHED the filter since I put it in. NOT ONCE. It is the filter that came with the kit. Tetra Whisper 2-10i Power Filter.

    As to the gravel loaded with uneaten food. When I got the cory out and changed the water 70+% I stirred up the bottom a lot. There WAS food down in the gravel. I moved the gravel to disturb it more and changed the water a 2nd time AND used a net to catch any debris I missed. (that was on sunday/monday (nov 12). SINCE Then when I change the water there is very little debris. So that could have contributed but what about now? it's been almost a week.

    I have not added a fish and don't plan to

    Yesterday the ammonia was still 1.0 but today is down .50. Today I have done 2 80% water changes.

    OH and again...I say....I am using FRESHWATER
    MASTER TEST KIT. I will NEVER use test strips. I hate them for my pool and I wouldn't even think of using them for a tank.

    I'm not sure if I answered all the questions or not. I do NOT know why my ammonia keeps being high and I don't have nitrates. It's why I am posting and asking. I can promise you I do NOT feed to much. I DID in the beginning (as in the first few days) but I quickly was able to see how little they need. I 1/2 of what they should have and feed 2x a day only because our dog is feed 2x a day and it's a ritual to feed the dog (for my daughter) and she wanted to start feeding her fish 2x a day. I saw NO reason why she can't if we 1/2 what they should get. I feel like I need to post a picture to prove to everyone how little they get.

    I appreciate those of you truly trying to help.

    OH...I also make sure the water is a little warmer then room temp (that I add). On that note (this is a little off topic) my heater has a a bit of black building around the bottom of it. (a tetra whisper heater...) Anything I should be concerned about that??? Not sure what it is.

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    I would use the vac siphon rather than stirring up all that gunk for the fish to swim through and breath in through their gills. It does sound like an access of rotting food may have been at least part of the bottom. Fish eat far less than you think. A tiny bit each day is enough for them and even missing days is fine, too.

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    +1 on the siphon thing - is that what you're using to change your water and clean the gravel? When I clean my gravel, I stick it all the way down to the bottom, dig it in a little and watch all the gunk float into the tube - I don't lift the tube out of the gravel until the water going up is clear - that way there's nothing floating in the tank.

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    Since I haven't gotten a gravel cleaner yet I just used the net and cup. Better then nothing in my opinion. I ordered one a few days ago and should be here tomorrow. I didn't expect to have to clean the gravel yet.

    Ammonia is down to .50 today

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    If you have been feeding that much food, the ammonia is most likely coming from unremoved rotting food. If I were you, I do a few more big water changes to try and get as much gunk off the bottom of the tank as you can to get the ammonia down fast.

    Once you have a siphon, this will be much easier & faster - siphoning is something that is done routinely at water changes - there is not only uneaten food that needs to be removed but fish poop too - it all sits there & adds to poor water quality.

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