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  1. Default Oh man!! perfectly healthy looking dead pleco :(

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    I just got a text from my wife that our Orinoco Banded Pleco is dead... We had him for a few months and he looked perfectly healthy. no signs of disease, no look of malnourishment, good color. I will test the water tonight when I get home but I'm wondering if he was overstressed due to pestering goldfish.

    He shared a tank with a 6 inch comet goldfish and 4 inch oranda. They are both tireless and root around him all the time. Especially when there's food (of course). I always made sure to push the algae pellets under the bogwood far enough to where the goldies couldn't reach but he could, and also would drop algae pellets in when all the lights were out. There was plenty of algae on some of the bogwood we have and I'm just not convinced as my wife is that it's because he didn't get enough to eat.

    I know there's a lot of possibilities to what could have caused his untimely demise, but (stupid question) is it possible that just the stress from having to fight off tireless goldfish all the time been the cause?
    Last edited by stalefish83; 11-14-2012 at 08:11 PM.

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    Just a suggestion but, I would check the Ammonia-level in your tank. Goldfish produce prodigious amounts of urea(Fish-pee). Hard to keep any tropicals with them for that reason.

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    I would look for something other than goldfish pestering him to death.
    your friendly neighbourhood arowanaman!

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    Me too. How has he been eating? Often Pleco's simply starve to death if they have been put in a new tank.

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    Did you ever try giving him fresh veg? I haven't heard of this pleco before, is he definately a vegetarian? I know there are many carnivorous species of pleco
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    Plecos can look perfectly fine on top and be starving to death. You can tell if they are starving by looking at their underbelly. If the underbelly is sunken, s(he) is starving. You might already know this...

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    Very little seems to be known about this particular type of pleco, but they guy at the store we got him from said they are omnivorous and we would occasionally supplement with frozen blood worms and routinely (try to) feed him brine shrimp pellets. We hadn't tried fresh veggies. when we first got him he'd perk up even as the flake food passed around him and seemed to eat well enough then he seemed to lose interest in the algae pellets and the brine shrimp. At that point we'd find him on the glass when he never used to do that so I assumed he was finding food that way... This sucks, he was such a cool pleco. I've never seen one like him

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    Sorry for the loss bud, they can starve so easily as it is difficult to tell if they are getting enough to eat.
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    Did you have wood in the tank for him? That's a diet requirement. But they can not live off algae alone. They need veggies, like a slice of raw potato, lettuce, zucchini, cucumbers or blanched lettuce. Some meaty pellets now and then. They should be fed at night so they can graze without others eating the food first.

    Also, any toxic water will affect bottom feeders the most as they are stuck at the bottom.

  10. Default

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    I've got a lot of bogwood in the tank. I think it's at least partly that I was not giving him any fresh veggies... i feel so freakin' stupid

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