Hey guys.

Moved into a new place and had my Fresh Water tank professionally moved.

I had a few Tiger Barbs and a couple of small Loaches (Clown and Yoyos) in it. I do water changes weekly, I trade off doing 15% water changes, and 33% the following week.

About two months at the new location I decided to get a few new fishes from the store as water quality was good. One of the Cory cats I bought looked like his eyes were bulging out a bit. He went missing after about a week. Then I noticed that 3 of my Tiger Barbs had the same issue, plus they had there mouths swell up and stay open. I put them in a separate tank to make sure it wasn't spreading after about a week. Now I noticed my Yoyo loaches are starting to scratch themselves on plans and bogwood, and my tigers have become very lethargic. I did a 50% water change. Not sure if anyone has any recommendations.

All of the barbs that I took out have since died.