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    Oct 2012
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    Almost a tiger barb...:-) - ~firefly~   

    Default stocking a 30 gal

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    I have a 30 gallon fish tank that is nearing the end of its cycling. I am trying to think of what kind of fish to stock it with. I plan to rescue my boyfriends 3 albino tiger barbs that he has in a 5 gallon and maybe adding 3 more barbs. What other fish would get along with tiger barbs? Also i really liked puffer fish but I am getting conflicting information on spotted puffer fish. Some sources say they must be in a species only tank while others say they just must be the only puffer in a community tank. My lfs has lepard and figure 8 puffer fish that are housed with a few other kinds of fish, would either of these be able to go into my tank?

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    Lets start with the puffers. Leopards are marine [SW] and figure 8 are brackish water so either of those are out.

    If you meant dwarf green spotted puffers [FW] - Yes they are aggressive and territorial and IMO for species tanks only.

    I have more news that is not so great also: Tiger Barbs do much much better in far larger groups than you intend to stock them. This is because it spreads out their aggression amongst members of the group as opposed to them turning it on other tankmates.

    TB are often kept in species tanks for this very reason. Mine are, I have 14 in a 29g and it's an active and interesting tank.

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    First I will say that adding 3 more albino tiger barbs is a great idea. The more the better. Tiger Barbs tend to be aggressive in small groups and noticeably less aggressive is larger groups. That is no guarantee though. You could get 20 and they may still nip some fins.

    If you want tank mates for them I would suggest something at least equally large and preferably not too slow. In terms of tetra this would be: Black Skirt Tetra, Serpae Tetra, Buenos Aries Tetra, and other large/meaner tetras of that nature. Most barbs would be fine, but preferably larger barbs. Or you could go with plecos of course. Steer clear of long-finned varieties of fish for sure.

    Puffers are mean and are kept by most in species tanks. Exceptions usually include keeping them with very fast and quick fish. I know someone who keeps Green Spotted Puffers with Glofish. He says the Puffers try to chase them but they are way too slow to ever catch them. If you are getting conflicting information on different websites you should consider it a 50/50 chance of working. I've heard of people keep Jack Dempsey cichlids with African cichlids online, but when my friend tried it it didn't work. The question is do you want to try it and see if it works, or try it with something you are sure will work. Be sure to keep in mind that there is a chance that any type of puffer you get will be aggressive and attack everything you have. Not saying it won't work, but be prepared that it might not.
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    + 1 to both answers, everybody thinks those little puffers are so cute, when in fact they are a mean onery fish.
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    Why not keep it a species tank and just have TBs? With a load of tall plants they'd look excellent.

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    Jan 2012
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    + 1 to 850R and Firefly

    Tiger barbs are awesome looking fish. A species only tank would look amazing. You can get different colored ones.

    Why rescues 3 tiger barbs and place other fish in harms way?
    Roll the Dice!

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    I've just got some Gold Tiger Barbs for my 65g and I really like them. I personally like the regular Tigers best but my mum picked out the gold ones so I had to let her have them.

    I think a species-only TB 30g would be a really cool tank. :) They are a very active and playful fish. The Moss/Emerald Green TBs and Platinum Greens are very cool.

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