Setup: 240g reef and 300g shark/eel tank. Both connected to a custom sump with fluidized K1 media.

Designed an algae scrubber for 240sq" and expandable to 480sq". Sized per amount fed guidelines.

However, it was recommended to use dr tim's pearls or a sulpher/crushed coral setup.

Has anyone used the pearls or sulpher/crushed coral setup and still stuck with a scrubber?

My understanding is the pearls turn nitrates/phosphates into bacteria that is removed by the skimmer.

I don't know enough about the sulpher / crushed coral setups except sulpher... The one's I found were on huge pond style setups.

The scrubber uses light to grow algae, algae consumes nitrates/phosphates and is removed. Does not eliminate skimmer.

Which way should I lean to for my setup? All of them are around the same price for me to build/buy. Experience anyone?