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  1. Default Dirty Oscar Tank Help!

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    I just set up a 100 gallon hexagonal tank a few months ago. I have 3 tiny oscars and a jack dempsey. Maybe about 3 inches in length each. So far they don't seem to be trying to kill each other. Also have a giant pleco (about 10 inches)

    The pleco is not doing his job! I have one little live plant at the very bottom and I thought the roots were just growing like crazy! Took a closer look and nope it's fish poop. Just sitting there covering a solid half of the tank bottom. Ick!

    Can I put another type of fish in there to help get rid of this? Petsmart mentioned a cat fish when I was first setting up the tank but I'm skeptical it wouldn't get eaten.

    Maybe something to move the water around to help the filter catch it?

    The pleco seems to love the piece of wood that I put in there so I think he's not hungry enough to keep the tank clean anymore.

    What should I do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Pleco's are not in the tank to eat poop. They are there to eat algae. They are poop machines themselves. It's your job to keep the tank clean. You will not be able to keep 3 Oscars, a pleco and a Jack in your tank. That's too many heavy-hitters.

    NO fish eat poop. That's what gravel vac's are for.

  3. Default

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    LOL Thanks... I'm going to pretend I'm not co much of a beginner moron...

    I bet the pleco is the cause for all the poop! Do they really eat the wood? He's spent the past solid month sucking on that thing. Maybe I should take it out...

    That's funny since the petsmart people were trying to get me to add even more fish to the tank! I told them no since I knew these guys were going to grow large. Think they will be ok for a year? What size tank should I upgrade to?

    Thanks for your super quick help!


  4. Default

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    55g of water volume per oscar
    40g of water volume for 1 jd
    75g of water volume for 1 pleco

    300g (at least) 8 foot long tank with a sump is what you will need in less than 6 months.

  5. Default

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    I kept Oscars for awhile, would always take them back when they got to big for tank, but you will definately have to become familiar with your gravel vac. I think oscar poo is the reason I am trying a community tank this time. Good luck!
    55 Gallon community tank that is probably a bit overstocked....dont judge me

  6. Default

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    Hats off to LadyHobbs for the concise explanation! :) I'm so glad you came here to a forum instead of just listening to the pet shop sales person! See below for why...

    Also, plecos don't eat the wood--- it's probably grazing the wood because there are things growing on it that he can eat.

    Pet stores like the one you go to will often try to sell you more than you need, or more than what your equipment can handle. They're there to make sales. It's always good to consult a book or a forum :) before purchasing anything, where there are no ulterior motives to sell you unnecessary stuff.

    I just had to say it again: Fish don't eat poop. :)

    Best of luck!! Hope this helps.

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    I loved my Oscars when I had them but they are dirty dirty fish. They not only poop a lot they are messy eaters and what falls out of their mouth does not get picked up again off the bottom like some fish do. I can't even imagine how you could keep a tank with that combination of fish clean.
    30 gal Freshwater
    1 young Angel, 6 Pepper Corydoras, 5 Harlequin Rasbora 1 Bristle-nose Pleco

  8. Cool really knowing the difference

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    I had a large flowerhorn that just passed away now I'm beginning to think it may have been a lodge red devil how do you really tell the difference between the 2 he was approximately 13 inches long 4 to 5 inches tall 1 and a half inches thick with the largest bump on his head I've ever seen he was white with gold true colors sorry it seems I posted this in long section just getting to learn the site
    Last edited by johnnydogs77; 11-29-2012 at 01:35 PM.

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    johnydogs - you might want to post your question in your own thread where it will get more attention : )

    +1 to Lady Hobbs - LFS's will tell you what you want to hear if it means they can sell you a fish. Also, from my understanding, plecos use driftwood to help them in digestion.

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    Also it is never a good idea to place an O which is a potentially 16" fish, a JD which is a potentially 12" fish and a common pleco which is a potentially 18" fish in a hexagon shaped tank that is probably no more than around 30" in diameter.
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