Hi everyone! After being on here for a while, and having a lot of information regarding my tanks spread out in many different subforums, I am going to attempt a journal to keep everything together. Pictures are forthcoming.

"Big" Tank: 55 gallon tropical, planted FW. Houses 4 rainbows, 8 black skirt tetras, 5 guppies, 6 otos, and two blue mystery snails. A 48" long LED light fixture sits atop this, a saltwater setup with some simple mods for FW. This tank is also my experimental tank for plants, as I learn what will grow under 36 watts of 10,000K LED light. A hindrance to this is my gravel substrate; this may change.

"Betta Heaven": This is not set up yet. As some of you know, I have been a complete idiot caring for the two female bettas that I have had, and they have sadly died. I can pinpoint my errors, and am going to try one more time. However, my five gallon tank is terrible, I hate it, so I'm taking it down and putting up a 10G. This tank will also have LED lighting (although lower quality/quantity), a plant substrate, and will be populated with low-light plants, a female betta, and hopefully some tankmates if she will tolerate it. This is my LAST STAND as far as betta keeping goes.

I figure some accountability will help me do this right. And it might be interesting for others to read about too. I usually assume nobody cares about what I'm doing...thanks if you're willing to follow along!