You may have seen my thread on the guy selling a 500 pleco, well me and my two mates went to his place to buy fish, we came away with 130 worth between us!

Now 8 fish got were juvenile BN plecos, and I mean really Juvenile. Largest is like an inch long at the most. Prices were soo good I snapped them up, here's what I got - 4x common BN 2.50 each, 2x Albino BN 3.50 each and 2x longfin Red Black BN's 6 each.

I'm hoping to breed them when they get big as BN's are scarce where I live and I could make some money to fund my addiction!

So what's my odds on getting a breeding pair, and also can they interbreed? I'm getting conflicting info online and I'm really struggling in general to get info on Red Blacks, so any info there would be appreciated!

Cheers guys!