My name is Kourtney, obviously >.<

I am obsessed with animals and nature in general. Or as most would say but I'd just call it commitment C;

Anywhooo, My pets consist of:
Ciroc [Sir Rock] 1 male veiltail betta
Mac-1 male albino apple snail
both in a NPT 20 gallon cube aquarium which is still in progress.

Oakley - 125 lb yellow labrador
Dylan O.G Kush 45 lb black chow/labrador mix

and FIVE! kitties :D
Skitty aka Skitty skat-1 male black midget kitty [a stray my fiance' and I took in]
Thibideaux aka Tibby-1 male black and white
Grace & Bubbles -2 female blotched calicos
Gemini aka Gem -1 female tortishell calico

And we all call our home New Orleans, Louisiana!