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    Default follow up on ich/bacterial infection

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    This is becoming really frustrating. My cichlids and petricat have now gone through several treatments for ich, and when that did not help, I treated them with an API powdered medication for "body slime". There was a few days between treating for ich and beginning treatment for body slime. During that time, I looked through available medications and modes of treatment, and my fish had symptoms fitting body slime.

    My fish are still ill, and getting worse. Many of them seem to have bulpoptholmia with a white rim around each eyeball. The flat slimy lesions previously there are now more extensive and new ones have appeared. Most have good appetites, but a couple of the, don't come out at feeding time as quickly as they once did.

    This is the distribution of lesions by fish

    electric yellow- eyes, probably body lesions, although his color makes it difficult to see white lesions

    Demasoni- lower lip is white, several flat slimy lesions on his body, obvious decline in color, lethargy, sticking to within inches of the heater

    yellow top mbuna- lower lip white, body has extensive lesions that are white and slimy, he has gone from free swimming in all areas of the tank to hiding between a rock and the wall of the tank, color has gone from brilliant blue to hazy grayish blue.

    Blue Orchid-color had just begun and has now dulled. upper lip has flat slimy lesion, eyes beginning to protrude somewhat, two small body lesions

    petricat-seems only minimally effected although skin color makes evaluation difficult

    yellow asei- minimally effected, but eyes are now showing a cloudy ring around the iris lower lip white

    Red zebra peacock- used to be striking peach color which has dulled, some swelling under his chin, lesions were much slower to evolve and did not start until about three days ago

    Zebra Obliquidens- lesions very similar to the red zebra's, also did not start appearing until two -three days ago (red zebra and this fish were a set, always together, )

    polit-first fish to develop lesions, white lesion from cranial aspect of dorsal fin extending in a blaze between the eyes that had stopped halfway down the face is now all the way to the upper lip in a blaze, several body lesions, dull body color

    fire red urganda- ring around the iris that is cloudy, lesions that are flat with the slimy white look, he was still young, and his body had not yet colored up

    congo black calvus-dead-this fish had been well accepted, allowed to take food out of the mouth of the others and share the caves with even the most territorial of my fish. his black body with bright white spots (normal coloring) had become very dull, his behavior depressed the only lesion was a flat white stripe between his eyes. he died fairly quickly after lesions appeared

    although they have lesions, peacocks seem to be most resistant to what ever is plaguing them. At this point, i expect to lose more fish. The antibiotics and ich medications can't be used together but I am running out of options. My ceramic rings were taken out during antibiotic treatment, kept in old tank water and fed a small amount of ammonia during this time. Any suggestions?

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    Just curious have you taken out any and all carbon? If not the carbon is just ducking up the meds and doing no good for the fish. This can help your fish, but it can also kill your fish also. You can always make up a batch of saltwater have the water test at about 1.025. Freshwater parasites hate salt. Also you can try and raise the temp about 8 degrees. This also can cause a strain on your fish for it will cause oxygen levels to he lower.

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    The fish have columnaris. The most effective treatment is nitrofurizone and kanamycin. They need to be used in combination.
    Not sure what the API body slime medication is- what is the active ingredient? Most antibiotics for body slime treat for external symptoms only. But, by the swelling in the eyes, this indicates the infection has gone into the bloodstream.

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    At this point, I think it's best to know what you have been doing so far. Throwing medication in a tank without pausing to see if the medication you're using to treat is effective can do more harm than good.

    1) Please name current medication you are administering. Just because I don't know which API body slime medication you are using.
    2) What is the tank temperature kept at and are you up to doing 90-100% water change each day if needed? Do you have a smaller tank that can be used to treat fishes in?
    3) Did you read or research about columnaris? I believe angel posted a link to that with treatment details.

    You don't have to worry about knocking out your cycle if you're willing to do large water changes daily. There were several occasions where I had to do the same to treat fishes or there was a tank emergency and I had to just do 90-100% water changes daily until the cycle caught up. There is no adverse effect so long as incoming water matches outgoing water.

    Do not raise the temperature of the tank and do not do a saltwater dip. It does more harm than good since this doesn't seem like parasites anymore. It also seems like you had a history with bacteria previously as well from excess food waste.
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    Have you bypassed the water softener yet? Or are you still using water from the water softener?

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    Demasoni- lower lip is white, several flat slimy lesions on his body, obvious decline in color, lethargy, sticking to within inches of the heater

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