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    Feb 2020

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    Default Lip parasite or disease?

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    Hi all
    I have a...something...on my peacock gudgeon lips?

    I thought it might be columnaris but it's been there for 2 months now on both my females but other than that they're healthy and breeding like mad. Whatever it is protrudes, gets longer and a bit wiggly, then seems to drop or get scraped off, then starts growing again.

    Pic 1 is of female 1, longest wobbly bit
    Pic2 is of female 2 with shorter wobbly bit.
    Pic 3 is male in drilled out bogwood cave with female 1 outside
    Pic 4 is whole tank

    Both of the ladies feed well, are there every morning at feeding time which is once a day. They get frozen bloodworm and a mix of ground up pellet and flake appropriate to the occupants. The girls will also feed from my long tweezers or fingers, they're not shy.

    Other tank inhabitants are:
    X1 neon Stiphodon goby
    X6 pygmy cats
    X1 otocinclus (yes, I know they should be kept in groups of 6 plus but it's a small tank and he's there to do a job)
    X2 nerite snails
    ...and quite a few yellow, red, blue neocardina, maybe 2 or 3 tiger shrimp, 1 amano shrimp and a few dozen baby shrimp...mainly yellows as I feed the gudgeon bloodworm so baby red shrimp look similar and get eaten.
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 20-30 (I'm trying to get this lower)
    Water changes are 20-30% twice weekly with coconut husk filtered tap water
    Ph 7.5
    Kh 180
    Gh 250
    O2 10-12ppm
    Temp start of day 24c end of day 25.5c...we'll see how I maintain than in the warmer months...

    The tank is healthy. No other signs of disease.

    The light is a fluval plant nano and filter is a modified set up whic turns the tank over at least 10 times per hour...likely more as it's on a 900lph pump...running back into the tank via spray bar and reverse undergravel filter (see my older post for why)

    I have a male, in a cave, who alternates breeding with the females. I've had them three months now and I always have eggs on the go. He pretty much only comes out to eat, chase a female in or away and spends the rest of his time fanning the eggs.

    I'm not trying to raise the fry as a) they're the smallest fry I've ever seen and b) it's a fluval edge 23L community of small fish....and getting anything out of a fluval edge once it's in is pretty tricky.

    Anyone seen or had experience of anything like this?

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Never seen anything like that. Maybe @Rocksor would be more familiar with it.
    75 Gourami/Eel tank
    Fish room-Astt tanks;all sizes

    75 Gourami Tank

    Fish Room


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    Beautiful tank! I've never seen anything like that, either. I'll be curious to see if you find out anything. At least it doesn't seem to be bothering them...

    Friends don't let friends use clown-puke gravel.

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    Feb 2020

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    Thanks WhistlingBadger. It's a long stretch from my old 600L+ marine set up I had years ago but kids came along and it had to go. It's been 10 years since I had a tank so this little one gets a lot of love ��

    It's very odd. I'm hoping someone on here knows something?

    I've done a few ops on larger fish to remove skin parasites and flukes but these guys are so small I dont think they'd tolerate it....and that's not even taking into account getting them out of the Edge.

    One of the females spawned all over the tank tonight as the male is currently guarding a batch of eggs so the shrimp were all out in force chowing down ��

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    Feb 2020

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    So, whatever they are, they're shorter today than a few days ago??

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