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Thread: oscar and goby?

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    Default oscar and goby?

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    I have a fat sleeper goby that is and has been in freshwater for 3 years he is about 6 in long and seems to be doing fine do they need to be in brakish water? I recently added a albino oscar to his tank and they really seem to get along. The oscar is still young though and only about 4 in. I do and have always feed my goby a mixed diet of proteins and greens such as Hikari CICHLID GOLD AND STAPLE PELLETS freeze dried brine shrimp and new life spectrum pellets and wayfers as well as an occasional frozen treat or live worm. So basically the same diet as oscars. They are currently in a 55 gallon but if moved to a 75 could I continue to keep them together? Or will the oscar eventualy turn on him when he outgrows the goby. I believe the goby is full grown.

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    I dont know much about their compatibility, but 75g is the minimum tank size for a single oscar. If you dont move the goby now, you will have to eventually.

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    oscars will eat literally ANYTHING....that can fit in their mouth.

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    it depends. iv'e some some contradictions. it depends on if the goby is thick. if the oscar cant fit it in its mouth then it should be fine.
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    Oscar temperament can be anything from aggressive to mellow. Sleeper gobies are not small fish by any means. I say try it.
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    I say go for it. Oscar personality will vary dependent upon the individual fish and how the fish is raised. I've only had one oscar that was so aggressive it had to be returned to the store within 24hrs. Other than that, I've kept oscars with small fish and even African clawed frogs without a single incident. I have a 12+ inch oscar right now in a tank with small ornamental plecos and he's never looked twice at them. Now the arowana on the other hand, lol...

    I would also suggest, and I'm just throwing this out there, to get a 6 foot long tank. Putting a full grown oscar in a 75g is borderline torturous. The extra two feet in the larger tank make a HUGE difference and will show in the health and quality of the fish.

    Rabble rabble - I hope this helps and good luck with your endeavors!
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    Thanks everyone I'm gonna give it a try, I would also like to get a 6ft tank but income is kinda tight right now hopefully in the near future.

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    i hope you get a 6 ft tank soon. it'll make you so proud! i just got a 210 and cant wait to set it up. i wanted to sleep in it the first night.. but i didnt.. lol

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    Just be careful. I came home one day to find my oscar had eaten my pleco. I knew this because the oscar couldn't swallow the whole fish and its tail was sticking out of his mouth.

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    i had 3 dragon gobys and they became a meal for my oscars and they were 5 inch long but the funny thing is i had 3 birchir eels with them and there still kicking it good luck with the goby i would move it

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