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    Post Suitable Tank mates

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    My Parachromis loisellei has finally settled in to his new home and is eating cichlid pellets from the surface

    So here is the reason for my post: I would like to get more fish for the tank. Its a 150Gal/600L 6 foot tank that has been running for a year now with no problems. Currently I have 2 Large Common Plecos, 1 medium sized Tinfoil barb and my newest addition the Parachromis loisellei. I LOVE the loisellei and wouldn't want to add any fish that might make it upset. I was thinking of adding a Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuensis) and maybe something else?? I havn't got much experience with New World Cichlids so any advice would be fantastic

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    It's not always advisable to mix old world and new world cichlids however you should look at the starry night cichlid.
    You may easily be able to find one in your area since you live near their native habitat. They have to be one of the most spectacular cichlids I've ever seen. Size wise it should be a good fit for a parachromis species. I would only add him with a shoal of dither fish for your setup.

    Jaguars are also cool but I would only get 1.

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    I didn't know the loisellei maxed out at 12" I thought they were bigger. You probably could keep 3 fish of similar size at most. As far as aggression you might have issues when adding new fish. You might have fights at times but most of these fights aren't to the death. Just research the fish before you buy and make sure they aren't killers.

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    Ah WOW! That is a beautiful cichlid! Thanks so much for the reply, I have never even heard of these guys. I am going to look into it immediately.

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    I would go with the Starry night cichlid if you can.. Managuensis can be wiled hard to keep with fish. I have a 6 inch female that attacks everything I put with her, even if it's bigger. I put an 8" Dempsey, 10 inch Oscar, and a few other fish with her and she hasn't let up on any of them. I had to take all Of them back to the store (aside from the Oscar, my dad owns it now). I dunno though, sometimes jags can be less aggressive, and sometimes can just be completely ruthless.. Kinda just luck of the draw..
    Parachromis Managuensis named Jagger. My favorite fish, bought from a low quality, dirty lfs at 1.5 inches. Grew 4 inches in the first 5 weeks. Best fish I've ever had and he is spoiled rotten.

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    Thanks Michael6945c, I will bear that in mind. There are too many choices! I wish I could have them all :)

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    I've never kept the starry night cichlid, but have kept the closely related polleni. Not bad with other species, but more inclined to kill each other than to pair off and spawn IME.

    ^^^^Please click the eggs/dragons, thanks.

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