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    Mar 2012
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    Question breeding angels .... trying and trying again

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    I have a pairing angel fish couple that breed like clockwork/water change and a healthy brine shrimp diet. The trouble is that Ive tried isolating the couple but the eggs dont last through the night. ( Ive read that when they get startled they eat their fry) so I have syphoned the eggs to another tank. a good 20-30 fry survived but found that they stuck together and lint like material formed around them when they where supposed to free swim on their own. Then I came down to 10 and moved them to a breeding fry tank that sat on back of my main tank that gave them a constant flow of water. Then I came down to 2 and found that I had to change that water daily due to possible overfeeding or contamination from the baby brine shrimp I was feeding them. now im back to square one with none and seeking advice on how to keep them all alive till maturity
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    There are a lot of things you can do to help the eggs along. It sounds like the parents are eating them so you'll probably need to move the eggs into a hatchery tank (usually a barebottom tank with a sponge filter, I also like to put in a good bunch of java moss for extra filtration, food and hiding places). Try putting a piece of slate into the parents tank for the angelfish to lay eggs on.

    Once the eggs are laid, move the slate into the hatchery tank, and place it upside down so the eggs face the bottom of the tank, then put an airstone under the slate to keep the water moving along the eggs. This will help keep the eggs clean of debris. At this point you should be changing ~50% of the water every 2-3 days using water from the parents tank. You can also add meth blue to the water to keep fungus away, which might have been what you were seeing.

    Initially the fry will hatch out of their eggs, but remain attached to the slate. At this point they are called 'wrigglers'. This is when I would typically flip over the slate, since the airbubbles can damage the fry once they are out of the eggs.

    Eventually the fry will start swimming on their own. Once this happens, they won't need to be fed for ~3 days, since they will still have a yolk sac. After 3 days, you'll need to start feeding them. Most people use baby brine shrimp, but I always used Hakari baby fish food with good results. As long as there is an airstone in the tank the food moves around enough that the fry will eat it. Once you start feeding the fish you'll need to change %50 of the water every day and use some tubing to remove any uneaten food from the bottom of the tank. If the water gets dirty the fish will almost certainly die.

    As the fish get older you'll need to transfer them into larger grow out tanks and moved them onto a good quality crushed flake diet.

    Hope this helps.
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    Let them spawn in their own tank and then move the eggs to a breeder tank and add fungus remover. They have to have that fungus remover because the parents aren't with them to clean them. Lean a piece of slate or pvc pipe up against the glass for the parents to spawn on and then put it in the breeder, also leaning with an airstone nearly.

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    May 2012
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    Default similar Question.....

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    On Sunday, my first pair spawned.... (YEA!!) By morning there were onlt a few eggs left.... the male was eating them..... (BOO!!) once he starts egg eating will he always do that??

    Thanks in Advance, Leanne

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    East Lansing, Michigan, USA

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    Part of the problem with angels being lousy parents is "we" have bred them with no concern for nurture. Most commercial breeders want their best fish to just lay eggs. They pull the slate with the eggs and rear them in hatching and growing tanks. Parental care isn't part of their breeding program.
    Some angel pairs will eventually learn to do the job correctly. Some never will.

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    If they are young parents they might just be dealing with a lack of parenting skills. That "should" pass over time. Like the others have said, you can seperate the eggs from the parents and keep them in a seperate tank. Personally I like the one gallon glass mason jars with a sponge filter. I keep a couple of those in a seperate tank with heater water to maintain the temp. Also when you're doing water changes you can use the stored water to refill the mason jars then you just top off the heating tank. Just place the slate in the jar and remove it one they start to free swim. I keep the air flow pretty steady from eggs to swimmers to keep the fungus off the, but once they all start swimming I turn it down.
    I also like to keep the eggs with the parents. I dont have a ton of tanks or a lot of LFS to tank the Angels once they're sellable. So keeping the eggs with the parents gives me a fair amount to keep my hobby going without it turning into a fulltime job. I usually end up with the best of the best this way too. I've tried keeping just my pair in a 30 gallon tank and took them out of the 55 I had them in. I got the same problem you did. Them male would eat them all. Like the fat bugger needed more food... When I had them in the 55 I was getting angel eggs by the bucketful. I had a friend of mine (also breeds angels) tell my to try adding a small school of rummynoses or zebras. This gives the male something to do other then eat eggs. Gives him a chance to show off for the female by keeping their corner safe from outsiders. Well I added 4 zebras and poof eggs by the bucketfull again. The male is so occupied standing guard he doesnt give the eggs or wigglers a second look other then the occasional cleaning or to put a stray swimmer back by mom. Be warned though... you might loose a zebra here and there with this. But with the amount of angels I've gotten its worth the risk and the trade off.

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