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  1. Default Angel compatability with other SA/CA cichlids

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    Hey, all.

    Just for fun, I'm planning a dream tank for South/Central American critters. 150 gallon; moderately heavy planting; lots of big driftwood. I'd like to have a pair or two of angels, either a pair of firemouths or several pairs of blue rams (or maybe, just maybe, both!); and several pairs of discus.

    Could those work together, or is that too much attitude in one tank?


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    I've kept angels with both firemouths and blue rams with no problems. I cannot say how all those would be with discus though.

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  3. Default Discus???

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    Good to know. So, maybe discus is the limiting factor. I seem to hear that a lot. I wouldn't even consider such a fussy fish if they weren't so darn PRETTY!!! 'Tis an unjust world we live in...

    Anyway, can anyone chime in on that? Discus with angels/firemouths/rams?

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    I currently have one angel and one gbr in my 55 and they seem to get along just fine. I even find them hanging out in the same corner sometimes.
    55: 2 small angels, 8 bloodfins, 6 black neons, 8 cories, 2 otos
    20: 1 gbr, 1 golden ram, 1 bolivian, 5 danios, 4 head and tail tetras
    10 QT: empty

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    If you wish for Discus, I'd keep them with a tetra ( rummynose, cardinal, lemon, etc) and make it a species tank.

    Or, omit the Discus and keep the others you have mentioned with some other South American cichlids.

  6. Default

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    Yeah, I guess I'd lean toward the second option, Lady hobbs. The world is just too big and interesting, and my attention span is too short, for me to be too enthused about species tanks... :)


  7. Default

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    I have two angels with a pair of rams and the rams don't bother the angels until they've tried to come into their territory under the driftwood, the angels are too tall so they try to go in sideways and they can't really peck at the rams because they're too fast and angels uncoordinated sideways lol

  8. #8


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    I believe the reason for Discus being alone is due to disease that other fish carry and with Discus being so costly, a person doesn't want to transfer disease to this expensive fish. Also, because they are timid and tend to be best alone.

    No one would want to add a $3 fish to a tank of Discus that cost a couple hundred dollars and pass something onto them.

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