So ive been saving up my money and we've been looking out for everything, and its all comin together full force now!!! We found the stand i want at Petsmart. Looked everywhere for one, it took so long. This is the one im getting. Im getting it next Friday!! :D This is what the stand will look like:

Ive read all these reviews for it, one stating it sucks, one stating its okay but it broke after not even 18 months (and in the review speaking of moving it with a tank on it... Hmm, wonder why it broke) and a whole bunch of reviews about it being a great stand easy to assemble and it lasts long (one person has had it over 3 years so far and still good). Since there are so many good reviews and only two bad ones, im assuming those two are wrong.

Ill post pics when i get it and start assembling. That should be fun! We decided exactly where its going too, so we are all ready! now we just have to wait for the tank sale in April!