So, I bought a TopFin 29 gallon tank about two weeks ago. It's running a TopFin 3000 Filter, a 100w UL Heater, and the Dimensions: 30-3/16"L x 12-1/2"W x 18-3/4"H.
I also have a bubble wall, but I am in between pumps right now because I've bought two and both are ridiculously too loud for my bedroom!

I had it up and running the first week thinking "Oh, I can totally put fish in there in about a week! Woohoo!" Well then I found this site that told me all about a "fishless cycle." Needless to say I am so glad I found it out before I hurt any fishes!

I have already bought plants, natural looking gravel, one live java fern, and a cute little lantern thing. I also found some flagstone at my local hardware store to make a little cave. Here's the final product:

I am day 4 into the fishless cycle. I got pure Ammonium and have putting 1/2 a cap full in for the last few days. I tested the water last night with my API master kit and the Ammonia level was 4 ppm (I hope that's right!). I have yet to test for Nitrites or Nitrates yet and figured I could test it a little later this week.

Thanks for reading! And any tips would be very appreciated!