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    Post Help! Discus possibly being eaten!!

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    Hi, New to this but very excited to be a part of this aquarium community.

    I have been preparing my aquarium for 6months now ready for Discus, on tuesday just passed I finally got a nice pair at a good price that seemed very healthy to see how they go...

    To start with I had a Zebra loach, Bristlenose plec, 4 Ottos and a, what I think is a sucker loach for cleaners. After having brown algae issues.

    On intially inserting the discus they were pestered constantly by the zebra loach so he was removed, then there was a turn for the worst and the plec really gave one of them some abuse so I removed him.

    All seemed well until I noticed that there is a white area appearing on one of the discus... I understand loachs are not often recommended but if i remove the ottos and the loach I will have nothing to help control algae.

    What should i do? And what can I add instead? What is the best way to tell if the slime/mucus coat is being removed by one of these two?

    Thanks Garry

    (I also have 20+ Cardinals 2x Silver tetras and 3 Bolivan Rams)

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    I believe what you are calling a "sucker loach" is most commonly referred to as a chinese algae eater. Is this your fish?

    Chinese algae eaters are big and nasty and don't even eat algae once they grow a little. It is in no way a good companion for discus... I would strongly recommend removing it.

    You do not need cleaner fish. Most "sucker" fish will find the side of a discus just as attractive as the side of the aquarium, and obviously you don't want that. Any algae problems can be fixed through proper tank setup and good maintenance, both of which are required to successfully keep discus anyhow.
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    You do not want fish with your discus that suck off their slime coat. Small community fish like tetra's are good for Discus tanks but nothing else is needed in them. Sounds to me as you have a simple case of Diatoms that will go away on it's own.

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    The only thing I would have in that tank are discus and otos. Once your tank is more established I would consider adding some cardinal tetras.

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    I would have no sucker fish at all if it was me.....and it's not. Suckers are not required.

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    Yes, but he is having problems with algae, and it is frustrating to have algae in a discus tank. That is the last thing you want to worry about when you have a discus tank. I have never anybody having problems with keeping otos with discus.

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    Image may not show as it is from my facebook.

    If it doesn't the fish I am referring to has the same patterning as this,

    but looks like the picture posted above.
    It also seems to eat algae i have seen it eating algae off the glass, leaves and off bogwood :/

    I will just remove all the 'cleaning fish' to get around the issue.

    Regarding keeping the algae at a minimum...
    As far as all the checks are concerned the tank is very clean (as it should be) I do my regular (once or twice a week water changes) but algae is a massive issue for me... there is little or no direct sunlight I have my lights on 10 hours a day. Can you help me out on how to keep this algae down... it is mainly brown algae i have an issue with, green algae on the glass is easily cleaned.

    All your help is much appreciated and thanks for the replies

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    But again, he is talking of Diatoms. Diatoms will go away on their own.

    Gary......join the Diatom club. I had it as well as do most of us at one time or another. It is normal in new set-ups simply because of nutrient unlevels mainly silicates/phosphates in the beginning. They do go away when the silicates have been used up. Are you using sand? Silicates are in sand, too, as well as phosphates in food and in the water supply.

    You can try a posphate/silicate remover in your filters or adding floss to help capture it. It is ugly but not harmful. But you have not been alone in this journey.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 01-12-2012 at 03:39 PM.

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    There is a possibility it isn't the ottos. I will try add a picture of my discus later on to give example of the problem I have noticed.

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