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  1. Default Linear air pump interest?

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    First let me say I realize this is not the right place to put an ad but I am not sure what I have is suitable for ponds and would like to get input before listing. I recently picked up (5) Gast DDL30-101 linear oil less air compressors that were new and never used. The boxes were opened for incoming inspection so some packing materials are missing but they are all in good shape. I had picked these up thinking they would be good for an aquarium but if I put this in my tank the fish and water would be on the floor in no time. After reading up on these they do mention aquarium use in the manual but this must be for several tanks or massive ones. But I also noticed the specs seem very close to what F&S are selling here. The pumps I have are available here for $300 but obviously they would be selling for less than that. Here is a link to the manual. Based on the specs I have found it seems like it would be appropriate for pond use but let me know what you think. Thanks.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Can those pumps also be used to pump water?
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    with 4 hang off breeder tanks for Blue/Red Platty Project

  3. Default

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    No I don't think so as the manual only mentions air and I don't see an inlet on them so it must draw the air from inside the housing.

  4. #4


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    I would get a housing for it, make sure it stayed dry. Should work just fine though for some things.

    What specifically are you wanting to do with this?
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  5. Default

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    It would work for aerating a pond for sure.

  6. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrup
    What specifically are you wanting to do with this?
    I was originally thinking I would keep two for my tank and sell the rest but they are way overkill for me. So I will probably list them here or on ebay.

    Quote Originally Posted by smaug
    It would work for aerating a pond for sure.
    Thanks for confirming...I didn't want to represent them as something they are not.

  7. Default

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    Finally got around to posting these, here is the link in case anyone is interested.

  8. Smile pump

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    Hey I might be interested in one of those pumps
    contact me at

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