My resolution for 09 is to get a 55g up and running. I'd really like to spend time and do this one right as I'm always unhappy with my 29g. I am constantly inspired by the pictures of tank set up on this site and think I have a good idea in mind.

There are the 55g kits at stores like Wal-Mart that seem like a good deal, but I really want to invest in this tank and get the best for it. I'm curious if anyone thinks it would be best to just get the kit or buy as I go. I know in the long run it's going to be more expensive to buy as I go, but I really do want to get high quality equipment in my tank and I do run into sales alot for the good stuff at PetCo every now and then.

I'm going to buy the actual tank first, just get it out of the way. I'm debating on if I should buy one new or buy a used one at my LFS. What are your thoughts on this? Save a few bucks and clean one or buy new and spend more but not have to clean?

I'm going to journalize my process here and hope for lots of advice. In theory, I'd like to get this up and running w/fish by my birthday in April. I think I could have all my equipment bought and set up by then.

So thoughts and concerns are welcome!