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    Default Possible parasites or constipation?

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    Another thread, another problem.

    Noticed a few days back that the albino shark (Epalzeorhynchos munense) is, simply put, poohing white...

    Wasn't sure if this was normal or not so checked online and was kind of disturbed to find out that this was either constipation or possible parasites.

    Problem I've got is he's showing symptons of both, but not all. I don't want to treat the tank for parasites if there aren't any, specially with medication seemingly like gold dust in the UK...

    There's little dividers in the faeces, like little air bubbles. Aside from that and the colour - it's all looking fine. No "long thread like" items in it or hanging from his behind. Anus isn't swollen or red as far as I can tell. He's eating well (a little too well) and is just as active as he's always been

    I'm currently starving him for a couple days and then will give him some peas. If it's constipation that should help.

    Tank is currently cycling due to a balls up with the couple I bought the tank off (media got thrown away).

    Ammonia is below 0.25, nitrite is 0, nitrate is 20~40 ppm due to dodgy tap water and pH is around 8. Temperature is 25~26.

    64l aquarium, filtered with an interpet PF2 that will be replaced in the next few days with an AC 50.

    Just as a side question, how much should I clean the filter sponge media? I know it's best to leave it alone during cycling but the filter was on its way to being clogged up with grime. The sponges aren't doing the best job of catching muck, some of it gets trapped and clogs the sponge up quick or it just lets it through completely due to being so porous...

    Thanks in advance as always!

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    Be sure not not in turn overfeed on peas. Ae there any changes to the fish's body shape, such as the belly getting skinnier/more rounded? Since you are still cycling, the filter sponges and other media are in the process of collecting bacteria in sufficient amounts to eat up the waste of your shark. Disturbances should be kept to a minimum but a light rinse to remove loose particles that are clogging the sponge should be okay.

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    Noted about the peas. I'll stick to just one or a half.

    Interesting development I suppose. Was looking at the tank and just realised that it's covered in this hair like mould. I'd noticed things were a little blurry but assumed it was some sort of algae, not this hair like substance. It's covered the glass and the plastic plants. Snails are grazing on it happily, as is the shark (so much for starving). From what I've read it's quite common in cycling tanks and is completely harmless? Would be great if someone could confirm that or knows if it might be contributing to the problem?

    The belly does appear to be more rounded then when I first got him. It might just be my mind playing tricks on me where I'm worried... picture included as you'll probably be a better judge on what's classed as abnormal.

    Apologies for the naff photo... while he's a bolshy little fellow and will square up to anyone or anything - the photo was taken with a PS Vita camera... so not the best quality.

    Also included a photo of the mould. You can see it around the plant and also on the glass in the top right corner.



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    Double posting I know but things are not going well again...

    Just came home to... I'm not sure what really.

    He wasn't moving around much, just resting on the sand in his log which is quite out of character. When he does move, he backs up an inch and then rushes forwards sideways, rubbing one side on the sand. Flashing I think it's called?

    Tested the water and nitrite was a tiny bit darker than normal so immediately done three 40% water changes. He's now swimming fine and even eating - but continues to dash against the sand.

    I can't see any ich on him though I know it can take a little while to visually manifest itself on the body.

    Any ideas or anyone know where to proceed from here? I don't want to jump the gun and end up treating for something that isn't there... but don't want to leave it either.

    Much appreciated.

  5. Default

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    If you are feeding pellets, epsom salt solution will help and won't pose any risk to the fish. It will just excrete out the solution. I've used it on fish when metro failed miserably.

    15 grams of epsom salts in 500 ml of ro water. Saturate the food until it can't soak anymore. Feed this exclusively to the fish for 5 days. You'll see results sooner, but continue on for 5 days.

    Or if it is not eating 1 tablepsoon of epsom salt per 40L of aquarium.
    Last edited by Rocksor; 05-08-2013 at 01:34 PM.

  6. Default

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    Yep, Epsom salts might help, can help with parasites and helps with pooping (just like in humans!). I have added it to the water in a quarantine tank. Doesn't hurt anything if kept in proper concentration.

    That mold shouldn't be hurting anybody either - it's a pretty common occurrence. However, if your fish is eating it, it may be contributing to the white poop, which would be freakish looking but not a symptom.
    1 - 55 gallon planted community
    3 - 10 to 20 gallon planted betta tanks
    My advice: slow down, think, and be willing to learn. Then you'll be fine, no matter what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethyMT View Post
    However, if your fish is eating it, it may be contributing to the white poop, which would be freakish looking but not a symptom.
    I had wondered this as a few sites indicated that it should be the same colour as the food they're being fed. The mould is white so... that would do it! I'd leave it and monitor it for a few more days if it wasn't for the flashing. He's currently laying very still on the sand, not a happy looking guy.

    Epsom salt should be here tomorrow or the day after. Boots apparently don't stock it and that's the only place in town that I can think would. No transport unfortunately as I've got a flat in the town centre, so don't need it... usually. I'll add it to the water as suggested as food is kind of hit and miss currently. He's the only occupant of the tank aside from a few MTS.

    Is this going to damage my cycle at all?

    Thank you all for the help, appreciated as always.

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