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Thread: Breeding Pair

  1. Default Breeding Pair

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    Hi, I ended up getting a breeding pair out of random discus from a LFS. I never intended on breeding discus, I just wanted them for their beauty. However, I kind of feel bad because their eggs never hatch. I've tried reading up about their breeding process and tried doing everything to make it a success but nothing is working. I tried softening the water since I read if its too hard the eggs may harden up before they can hatch. I also read about the possibility of two females trying to breed. The two discus are laying eggs sometimes twice a week. One lays them and the other dances around them once the female is done. The eggs turn a darkish orange color? I'm not sure what color they are supposed to turn if fertile. After roughly two days the eggs disappear and the would be parent return to normal for a day or two then go at it again. Can anyone please help me figure these guys out? I do weekly 10% water changes and the water quality is great. I run a canister filter and a separate UV filter and the water runs between 84-86 degrees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justinsoffa View Post
    The two discus are laying eggs sometimes twice a week..
    You've seen both of them lay eggs?

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    No, what I meant was both of them doing their thing. I have actually only witnessed the female lay eggs once, every other time I come home from work and there are eggs with the pair breathing on them and protecting the area.

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    Okay thanks for the clarification. I would still say to monitor them and determine if you have two females which is often the case when you get a lot of eggs/frequent spawns. If you see the male fertilizing them you will have a better idea obviously.

    After you confirm its a male/female pair test your gh/kh to confirm why you aren't getting wrigglers.

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    OK thanks for the reply. Do you know what color the fertilized eggs should be? I see the would be male get all jittery over the eggs once the female lays them, should I be able to see anything come out of him? They usually lay between 15-25 eggs each time in vertical rows. I might have to set up a camera or something since they always lay them when I'm gone and they kind of got spooked the one time I tried to watch so I had to watch from a distance.

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    Not all laid eggs will look the same, depending on the strain of the fish some may look darker than others. With that being said, fertile eggs are usually the darker ones. What are your kh and gh right now?

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