So I recently purchased a new heater for my 10 gallon. My old heater was running high and had a bad habit of turning on and off every 2 or 3 seconds. So to avoid any possibly bad situations, I quickly rushed to the store and bought a fairly cheap PETCO brand 50-watt heater. Anyway, so after 24 hours of running, I went to examine it to make sure it was holding the temperature steady. While looking, I saw a stream of tiny bubbles cooming near the suction cup. I moved the heater thinking that it was just trapped air. Now, 30 minutes later, more bubbles in the same place. I can also see what I can only explain as vapor waves emmiting around the heater. Like, when I look at the tank towards the window, it looks like waves of vapor flowing around. Anyway, my question is, are these vapor waves normal? Where are these bubbles coming from? Is this heater cracked possibly? I would like help ASAP before my fish gets injured. Thanks in advance!