So I'm in the process of setting up my dream tank of an Amazon biotope. Now when I say biotope I'm looking to make a generalized biotope, meaning I want all plants and fish to be from the Amazon, but they don't have to actually be from to same section of the Amazon as I know there are different plants and fish that grow in different areas of the Amazon river. So far I have Cabomba, an amazon sword mother plant, and dwarf hair grass as my plants that are actually from the Amazon, I have a few other plants in my tank as placeholders that were just easily available through my local pet stores. I'm looking for some plants that are good for grazing fish, plants that can be grown on driftwood, and plants that are interesting looking in regards to shape or color. I'm mostly needing moderate to low light plants as I only have 1 t5 10k bulb right now. Ultimately I want to upgrade to the Marineland LED light for planted tanks, so I need plants that will be able to grow under it. Suggestions much appreciated.