Today was water change day for the 10-gallon. To make sure there'd be nobody in the way while I did it, I stayed up all night and did it in the morning, after my parents left for the day. One of the larger ornaments was so slippery it slipped from my hand while I was cleaning it, and the bottom of its chipped. I buried the chipped bit in the gravel so Ruby wouldn't brush against it. And I think I almost burned off my own fingerprints handling the buckets of hot water while washing out the slime that was accumulating under the plants.

I'd planned to get some sleep right after, but then I got a call from someone inquiring about the other two collector coins I was selling on Kijiji. He'd emailed me before, but he lived in New Brunswick, and I have no vehicle access, so mailing them was out of the question. Today he'd come to Cape Breton to catch the ferry to Newfoundland, but the ferry was cancelled, and he had my phone number, so he decided to drop by and pick up the two coins. That kept me up for another couple of hours. I managed to catch some sleep after lunch, before the phone rang and the wretched flea-infested mutt had to go out, but I didn't get much sleep. I'll probably be spending the evening conked out on the bed.