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  1. Default Blue ram, sex id and obesity!@!@!

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    hi there!!

    I have two german blue rams, and when i bought them i was told it was a m/f pair. Is anyone able to tell from my pics if that is true?

    Also, one of them has gotten VERY VERY fat. im not sure if its just super greedy or is it pregnant?

    please help!!! if its pregnant how can i help it?
    Attached Images Attached Images

  2. Default

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    At first glance I would have said it's pregnant but based on the fact the first spikes of the dorsal fin are pretty prominent and that there aren't any blue spots on the black spot, that would make me think it's a male. But the slant of the forehead is not round at all which is indicative of a male, so there is a pretty good chance you have a pregnant female on your hands. Make sure there is some java moss in the tank for the fry.
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    Do they get along well? Their behavior towards each other can provide some insight to whether they are a pair or not. One of the fish is almost definitely a male, but the fat one is dubious. It's got dorsal fin extensions typical of a male but the coloring, nose profile of a female. If they get along well I would just say that you've simply got a female with some masculine features.

  4. Default

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    Thanks guys! umm yes they get on? they are always together, the male fish is the boss. he often chases other fish away from the maybe lady. Do these guys get fat when they are pregnant?

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    First pic is female. I see some blues specs in he black spot and pointer head.
    Second pic is male. No spec in he black spot and has a bolder head.

    This my guess. You took great pics but its alot easier to sex them in person lol.
    Roll the Dice!

  6. Default

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    well sadly this morning we found my female ram dead :( looked like her stomach had burst open?!?! would this be a sign she was just obese or could something have gone wrong?

    next bit, will the male be ok or should i get another ram?

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    she could have been egg bound or bloat, several other possibilities.
    The male will do fine by himself
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    Sorry to hear of your loss, like previously said the male will do fine by himself but I assume you were excited about those eggs and would like them to breed, you should get another female and try again :]

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