Hey i'm going to setup my 25 gallon to have as a breeding tank and all around tank and i'm not sure what fish that i can keep.

I'm looking for an easy fish to breed, right now i have a few guppy females and platy females in the tank and they are all starting to die off

I have been thinking of having it for my angelfish to spawn in but it's to small to keep them there for the rest of their life so it will just be temporary while they spawn. I spend most of my free time next to this tank sitting at the computer so a temporary breeding tank is not really that appealing to me so i search for some smaller fish i can keep there all around and get some fry off.

Criteria for fish.

* Fairly easy to breed
* Need to fit in a 25 gallon tank
* Popular fish so i can get rid of fry

I did keep all types of livebarers but the local pet stores won't take them so i use them as food for my angels.

The tank is not aimed to be a pure breeding tank but i want to keep it so they can breed, for example dwarf cichlids maybe just 1 male 2 females depending on fish and a max of 2 males depending on size of fish i have.

Thanks in advanced