I removed the cap from the drain pipe and that fixed my problem. After that I turned on the 2nd pump. The pipe will drain the water but it is pushing it. I think I will add some extra type of extra return for that tank.

Been a long night. Moved ~300g of water from the old place to the new place, moved the LR and some sand. The eel put up one heck of a fight! I had him in a 5g bucket, slowly poured the water into the new tank. The eel did its best to stay in the bucket. I then raised the bucked as high as I can physically reach... the eel was still able to hold its self out of the water into the inverted bucket! Finally, after almost falling to the floor I caught him and got him in the tank.

I tested the paint I used... it is amazing! While pumping the water from outside the house to the tank my hose fell spraying water all over the floor. The drains in the floor worked and the rest beaded into small puddles which the shop vac sucked up. I was amazed that the floor was dry by just using the shop vac.

I am sure I have more mishaps but I am to tired to remember them :-)