My Oranda goldfish, Penelope, has undergone some environmental changes lately.

I moved her from a 20 gal long tank into a 40 breeder several weeks ago. Then about 2 1/2 weeks ago I added 11 White Cloud minnows (after quarantine).

Then 1 1/2 weeks ago I added two small Orandas (also after quarantine).

All was great until a couple of days ago.

On Monday, my contractor began refinishing the wood floors in my kiotchen and hearth room. He was very careful to cover the two fish tanks with light plastic while sanding and putting down the polyurethane, and no problems have shown up with any of the fish in either.

But I couldn't come into the room from Monday morning until Tuesday night, and Penelope was behaving differently then. Instead of playing in her water and in her bubble wands, she was - and still is - hanging in the water up in the right-hand top of the tank.

She is doing much better when I pay attention to her, which she was used to me doing a lot of, but left on her own she isn't playing much, though she does go through her bubbles.

I don't know whether she may be upset about the new Orandas (who would love to be swimming with her), whether she could have become constipated. The contractor fed her the first night when I couldn't come in....

I'm wondering, should I put the little ones (about 2 1/2" long v. her 5" long with all the difference in body size that implies) in a holding tank to see how Penelope responds?

I've been fasting her for about 36 hours and giving her peas, but she really only wants her NLS pellets. But I'm not seeing her poop.

Need some input!!