The title suggests that this should be posted in the invertabrate forum, but my questions are regarding the effects of distilled water on a freshwater tank.

I am planning on getting a bamboo shrimp for my ~30 liters(7.9 gal) fluval well planted ebi tank.
Ph 6.4
Ammonia 0
NitrItes 0
NitrAtes <5
Tank has been running for 1 year. It house blue pearl shrimps, Crystal reds, and snails.

I have kept a bamboo shrimp in this tank before for 3 month before, but it died after i removed the second filter I had running on the tank. It goes to show you how important water flow is for the bamboo shrimp. This time around i will keep a second filter.

Here is where I need help. I would like to supplement the bamboo shrimp with green water. I have a hydroponic setup with carnivorous plants. The tub is filled with distilled water that has truned green with algea. I was thinking of feeding this to the bamboo shrimp.

Is the green water still consider distilled even though it has suspended algea in it?

Will adding 10ml of green water once a week effect the tank's ph?

Do you think this will work or harm my tank?