Hi All,

I currently own a juwel rio240 with freshwater fish in, In the future I would like to convert to a marine tank with corals. I was planning on using juwels equipment which is designed to fit my tank.

My tank currently has T5 light fittings, and a standard juwel internal filter, and from what I can understand, all I need to do is fit the juwel protien skimmer & fit new tubes to my light fitting and my tank setup will be sufficient, is this correct?

The standard pump is a 600 litres/hr

the standard tank spec can be found here


the new protien skimmer spec can be found here:


the new light tubes specs here


Am I correct in assuming this is enough to prep my tank for saltwater fish? I know I need more test kits, live rock etc, I just wanted to see if this was OK as I dont want to add a sump.