ok i added the new parrot to my tank, which was only in it less that a week. amonnia did a .25 spike and i fixed it with a 40% addition water change so yester day my Rubber lip was up on the output(waterfall) of my Emperor filter. his head was out of water with the falls flowing over it. so i left him, he didnt stay that way long. today i came home to find my BN pleco in the tube of the sponge filter(the long tube that helps push the bubbles) It took me a bit to get him out, did his fins in and got stuck. so as of today my A 0ppm NitrItes 0ppm and nitrAtes was like 10 or 20ppm not sure it wasnt in the red. my corys are acting fine and all other fish are acting ok. the snails craw and are hanging to the bottem. So was my plecos just being themselves or am i missing somthing.

50% wc each week with maybe a 10-25 through week if time permits