I saw a post in the other thread that recommended not going with harlequin rasboras because off the site they go to, a 2 foot long tank is ideal for them.

My tank is a standard 10 gallon meaning 20L, 10W, 10T

My original stocking was going to be like this....

8 Harlequin rasbora
4 oto cats
1 assassin snail (as this was the original tank i saw the mystery snail in)

Cherry barbs were my next choice in fish, but also looking at cardinal or neon tetras, though would like to keep the oto cats and snail in the tank with whichever fish i choose.

It would have to be in the tetra family as i only have a ten gallon tank, and i want to be able to have a decent school for them. AqAvisor said that the above stocking for the rasboras would put my tank at 92% stocking.

I do know i can get both cardinal, and normal neon tetras in my area. I don't know if id want glowfish because this tank is in my bedroom, though by the time i go to bed i do turn the night led's off and leave the tank completely dark.

My heater is aqueon 50w and i love it because i can see the temperture i'm adjusting it to, which is something i needed for the species specific tank as they generic one i got with the starter set kept jumping too high for what i needed.

I could do white cloud mountain minnows however i don't know if they would adjust to the 78.4 degrees F i would be keeping it at for the oto cats and the snail because they prefer lower tempertures.

Thoughts, suggestions?

This tank is currently still going through a fishless cycle, so i want to make sure i have all my ducks (i know ducks on a fish forum, i'm so bad) in a row before stocking it in about hopefully two to three weeks as i've been on the cycle since november 24. Finally got the eyedroppers for the ammonia too, will make dosing so much easier.