Hi again members,

I was wondering if you could tell me if my Pidge is actually a Ryukin? He was adopted as a Fantail (being about 2cm big, if that) and now he is growing at a good pace and seems to be resembling a Ryukin, at least from photos I've seen anyway, what do you think please? Here is a link to a video of him, he is the white one.

He is in with Oo and Ee, 2 bubble eyes, and advice is not to put them together cause Ryukins are aggressive but Oo and Ee easily hold their own with Pidge so does anybody else have bubble eyes with Ryukins successfully?

Also, Jelly, my teeny Ranchu is in the video so wanted to ask if his eyes were very large in your opinion suggesting he is a stunted fish? He is the calico ranchu. He has always had good tank size at least when he's been with me. His increase in food doesn't seem to be affecting his growth although he does seen to have some wen growth now.

Thanks for your time.