I know I keep asking questions lol. I'm so annoying.

I'm playing with some ideas for my 55 gallon and thinking of swapping out the corycats I was considering for another more peaceful cichlid.

I've read that Peacock Cichlids are "peaceful" in comparison to other cichlids, and that they do well with Angels, despite being from a different habitat. Would you guys say that I would be alright having 4-6 Peacocks in with 1 angel, a pair of GBR and one or two medium schools of smallish characins?

I don't wanna go nuts and overstock so I was originally thinking 4... but I read that they're a schooling type fish and like to be in groups of 5 or 6?

It's going to be moderately planted and has a rena XP3 filter on it. I'm thinking of keeping the temperature at a solid 80 Fahrenheit like my other two tanks.