Hello all. I guess I will begin by saying... I'm finally getting a tank after years of holding back because of no room to place it and no time but now I dont care and getting one anyway. I haven't had a fish tank for many years back and now I want to get back to it. I consider myself a born again newbie sad to say but still looking forward to it.

So, now to what my plans are for any advice from anyone and all. I first thought of getting a 10gallon tank but I realized I will be limited so I'm going for a 29gallon tank since they have decent deal that ends december 31. The one I have in mind is the Aqueon 29 gallon deluxe kit (heater, quiet flow filter, fluorescent lighting, fish net, fish food sample, starter guide) for less than $120 if I recall correctly and $20 dollars worth of fish. One thing I dont have much info on is the tank stand, hoping they have one at the store that wont break my pockets.

I think to get back in, its not bad to get this and add better products down the road if needed. My question is are the Aqueon tanks and starter kits worth investing and what to do preparation wise before investing in fish. I hear I should cycle the tank atleast 24 hours, 2-3 days or 4-6 weeks. Not sure which is viable. Also, water prep, tap water and water conditioner prep (add conditioner each water change and/or possible just adding it without changing water berween water changes), gravel or sand substance, ph levels, etc.

I've look at a few tropical fish but couldnt decide on what to start with knowing its a new tank cycle and their stress levels. I'm open to any suggestions. Possible breeding and plants down the road but not until maybe much later once I get comfortable again. I'm sure I'm missing some other questions, it's late and tired lol and I know I'm asking a lot but I'm a person of details and specifics so that I get the job done right with no or fewer mistakes later on. I hear great things about this forum so I hope you all can advise the way. Thanks in advance.