G'day folks, I'm getting ready to lightly plant a 125 and I thought I had my lights all figured out, but the more I research the more confused I get. The list of plants I would like is as follows:

Red Wendtii Crypt x 1
Dwarf hair grass
Moneywort x 6
Vallisneria Spiralis x 6
Ludwigia Repens x 6

This will be a low-tech setup, I do not want to muck around with CO2, but will fertilize with tabs and liquid as needed. I'm also not looking for extraordinary growth, I want this to be a fish tank with plants, not the other way around. I have a raised planting bed area about halfway up the height of the tank, so the red crypt and dwarf grass will be a lot closer to the light than everything else.

At first I had planned to put 3 double strip T8s in my canopy, which would give me about 1.5 Watts per gallon, but some info has led me to believe I'll need a lot more, so maybe I'll swap the T8s out for T5s and get up over 2.5 Watts per gallon. The cost is quite a bit more obviously, but if it's what I need it's what I need. My only concern then is, with such a light plant load and all those Watts, would I just be building an algae farm?

Thanks a bunch for any advice.