Hi all,

I have a 10 gallon tank with 2 guppies in it, and a few months ago I added a bamboo shrimp. I'll admit I didn't do the homework I should have before adding the shrimp... I just saw him at PetCo, he was really cool, and the PetCo guy told me he's basically maintenance free, so I got him. I figured I could use a scavenger, as the only other one in the tank was a moon snail (who's since died, but he had a good run for a snail).

Well, I always assumed the shrimp was doing well... he's skittish, but I often see him out of his hidey holes, picking food off the substrate. This seemed normal shrimpy behavior.

Then he molted, and realizing I didn't know anything about these animals or how normal that was, I started reading up. Of course now I've learned they're filter feeders, and I've read online that if you see your shrimp actively combing the bottom for food, he's probably starving.

Well geez, the poor guy, I'd be glad to feed him... but what? How? I really figured, between left over fish food and algae, there'd be enough to eat. Since I read molting can be difficult on these creatures, and he came through it just fine, I assume he's fairly healthy. Water quality should be good - I do frequent changes and tests and the guppies have been in there for around 6 months with no problems.

I am running 2 filters, just because I have an extra and figured "why not"? Is it possible I'm over-filtering the water and not leaving anything for him? I really doubt it since whenever I do a water change there ends up being plenty of specks floating around until things settle again... so it's not like there's no detritus in the tank.

So I can't figure out why he might be starving. Or maybe he's not and does filter feed sometimes when I don't see him, and he's just a glutton and likes picking the bottom too? I'd love to hear any thoughts from you folks that have experience with these guys.