I located a breeder of giant bettas, in Detroit. He has many many babies that he can't house, so I am getting one. Unfortunately, this man's english is not so good, so I can't tell if I am getting 1 or 12. All I have to pay is shipping. These are all true giants with the occasional regular betta mixed it. Both parents are HMPKs, in the red spectrum, both giant. Babies are bicolor black/red, cambodian red, and some black lace. All show quality (or so I'm told).

Anyway, I can't keep all 12 if that is what I get. Would anyone here want one? You will only pay for shipping, as I have. I also have a LFS who will take the extras, but I thought I'd offer here.

Obviously no DOA guarantee, but an interesting thing to try if you're dreaming of a giant but are lacking funds.

THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL until I open the package and see what I get. PM me for any additional details, I will not transact publicly.

Thanks. Mods, please remove this if it is inappropriate or move to correct place if I've messed up. Thank you!