Hi all,

i need help with setting up the sump for a friend of mine 500l marine tank. the Equipment i have is as follows:

1 x Sump - L58 H60 W48 aprox. 167 liters
1 x REEF OCTOPUS protein skimmer - SSS2000INT - with 1000lph pump
1 x REEF OCTOPUS bio-pellet reactor - BR140
1 x REEF OCTOPUS pump - 1000lph
1 x REEF OCTOPUS pump - 3000lph

can you please assist me with the sump layout and mostly with how should the water flow go. my idea is that from the tanks over flow the water should go into the chamber where the skimmer is... from there the water should go into another chamber where the bio-pellet reactor is and from there the water should go into a third chamber with live rock for the final stage of filtration before it goes into the last chamber which will house only the return pump. now i have two problems:

1) the skimmer and the pump that feeds the bio reactor are both 1000lph where the return pump is 3000lph which will cause too much water coming back into the sump and causing the chambers to over flow thus mixing the clean and dirty water.

2) we were advised by the person that we got the equipment from to have the protein skimmer and the bio reactor return the water back into the protein skimmer chamber and from there the water will overflow into the chamber with the live rock, which doesn't make sense to me because i don't understand why would i want to mix water that has just been cleaned with water coming directly from the tank.

i'm very new to this and would appreciate all help and advise from the more experienced members.. please let me know if somethings are not clear and thanks for your help in advance