Hi all, Gouramifreak here with a journal of my new, cycled 65 gallon aquarium!

Today, a few days after completing the cycling of this aquarium, I journyed out to The fabled petstore known as that pet place! I purchased a few fish there, to add to my exsiting population of a paradise gourami and a rubber lip pleco (who, dont worry, were kept in a friends tank until my 65 gallon was finished cycling) The fish I bought are:
2x gold rams (I know this may be risky, since they are not as hardy as the others, but we'll see how things go.....)
2x Kribensis
1x clown pleco
1x banjo catfish
So far, everyone seems content. My paradise gourami, whose reputation seems to proceed him, is not bothering anyone (and if he does, I have a home picked out for him already, IF he becomes trouble) My kribs have shown no signs of aggression as well, and the rams are lively as ever. The plecos and the banjo catfish have dissapeared into the decor, only coming out occasionally.

As far as decor goes, speaking of which, my tank is pretty sparse as of now, but plans to decorate are in the near future. By near, I mean monday.

Hope you guys like the pics, which will be coming soon!