Whenever someone tells me a plant is an easy grower, I can just about bet it will not work for me. What is it will java moss, java fern and floating plants that always gives me the worst time growing than others? Tell me it's an easy grower and I will kill it. Tell me it's picky and a hard grower and it will go nuts.

Now it's my Pennywort. Long bare stems. Holes in the leaves and I swear my shrimp are eating it. They are always all over in the Pennywort so maybe they are. Liquid ferts added 3x a week and still looking rough.

After "over 1 year", I finally have some java fern growing as well as java moss. Please note the emphasis on over 1 year. I love how people say "tie it to wood. You'll have roots in no time." With me, it means several birthdays will come and go.