I had my friend do it. He was a little nervous, but he did it perfectly.

Penelope was a bit surprised at being in this big, new space, but she swam all over it, measured its width, depth and height. Actually the first thing was to fly through the bubble wall. I got the second one up that day and now she is just ecstatic.

It's a gorgeous tank - looks like a crystal palace from where I sit. My Eheim vacuum is doing a great job of cleaning the surface of the sand - I do have to keep after it, though!

What a delight she is. I'm keeping her old tank running as a quarantine in case I find a buddy for her soon.....It still has her old media in the filters (I used the old media from the previous canister in her new canister, along with the new media that came with it.)

I think she just swam straight up the bubble wall! And again! She makes me laugh.

I can see why you'd be concerned about bubble walls. Sorry about your little girl fishy. I can't think about losing Penelope - more than the other fish I have, she is so full of personality and loves to interact. She's just charming, period!

Thanks everyone for your replies!