Hi there -

I have recently opened up quite a bit of space in my 92 gallon corner bowfront - I moved a bunch of fish into a new larger tank. So, I have my new stock planned for the 92, thanks to all of you guys, but I have some setup questions. Since there are not very many fish in the tank right now I thought it would be a good opportunity to redo the substrate and decor.

The planned schooling fish are: 12-15 blackskirt tetras, 8-10 congo tetras, and 7 dwarf neon rainbows. There are also a honey gourami and an angelfish in there, and two siamese algae eaters.

My question - what color substrate would best highlight these fish? I am using the Aquariumplants.com planted substrate - black, neutral, or red. Any particular plants you would recommend? Any other ideas you can throw out there would be great! If anyone has any pics of a nicely done corner tank I would love to see them. Thanks!!