Hi, im new on the forum, im having trouble with some neon tetra's and im not sure that they are going to recover so looking for some advice.

Ive got an 80ltr tank thats been set up around January this year. I cycled the tank up to 4ppm of ammonia using 100% household ammonia over a period of 5 weeks. My perameters taken today are as follows:

Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 10ppm
PH 7.4 - I know this i high for tetra's however they are tank bred and have been reared by my lfs at this ph
Temp 26c

The tank is fairly planted and contains the following stock:

x3 Glowlight tetras (ive lost a few of these although not sure how many in total but have never had more than 5 at one time)

x5 Neon Tetra's (again as above)

x1 Blue Ram (I had a female previously, she died and i replace her with a male a few months later)

x1 Yoyo Loach

x2 Otto's

Around April when i introduced the first ram to my tank i realized (after putting her in) that it had white spot. I had a whole load of trouble and ended up loosing the female ram as well as around 3 glowlights and 2 neons. After id managed to irradicate the white spot (using meds then an after treatment of melafix for secondary illnesses) i left the tank to settle for about 4 months. I then added the ottos and yoyo. After a week of having the new arrivals all of my tetra's started looking ropey again, i lost 2 glowlights, one had major bloating before it died and the other continually rasped and died in quarantine after laying on its side for 5 days. I now have 3 neons that are looking really rather dire, although the other two are absolutely perfect specimines so im not sure what the issue is and the 3 glowlights just look skinny and drab but have no other visable sign of illness.

1 neon has a huge fluffy lump on its mouth (i believe this to be flexibacter) and stuggles to eat, 1 has a lump as the base of its tail causing a large curvature of the spine, it always looks like its sinking, and another looks fluffy but also as if its been cut had has lots of scar looking tissue all over its body making it look like a ball of lumps. All 3 are eating, swimming and staying with the shoal. It just seems that my tetra's get ill/die off when ever i add new fish. Ive been treating my tank with eSHa 2000 for the past 3 days and ive also treated it with melafix last month (they have been in this condition pretty much since September) There has been no improvement and i dont really believe there will be. So should i let them eventually die off and hope that they have an adequate quality of life up until then, should i clove oil them only when they are clearly dying, or are they suffering (although they dont currently look it ) and should i euthanize them now?