we recently purchased a ~5-6 inch silver arowana because we spend quite a bit of money at the LFS that just opened and they kept it at baby price for us to purchase because they didnt have a larger tank to put him in and still keep their other fish as well.

well 15 cichlids bagged and a couple rock re-dos and the arowana is nestled comfortable from a 30g, into one of our 75g tanks with only a large pleco and large red devil cichlid.

my issue is, we put in 10 feeder guppies, they run around and school and poop and we are good, then boom we go to bed and none are left and i just dont want to keep buying feeder guppies and minnows while i wait for my livebearers to mass produce, so question is other alternatives to arowana diet? preferably cost efficient, im in NC so something local maybe? any ideas are welcome.