Herrooo there fish lovers, i came here trying to find a good forums when i have fishy emergencies or when i want someone to appreciate what i put my time into <.< hehe.

between my boyfriend and I we have 3 freshwater aquariums and a rescue tank for my yellow bellied slider

we currently have stocked:
75g freshwater with a cannister filtration system, cichlid sand/shell substrate that we recently(like 2 days ago) took out around 15 medium cichlids, and replaced with
1 large(6-7inch) pleco
1 3-4 inch red devil cichlid(mostly white)
1 electric blue crawdad
1 5-6 inch silver arowana

75g freshwater planted 2 HOB 75gph carbon stacked filters, 400 airpump split between 2 airstones and a bubble curtain, an atinic blue strip light + daylight light ceramic pots and natural stones+ plants for deco stocked with:
~30 cichlids + bottom feeders, ill try to name some and upload whatever pics i can find.
2 large cobalt blue
3 yellow labs
3-4 assorted colors and sized peacocks
1 red devil
3 small plecos
1 peppered corydora
1 golden dojo weather loach
1 medium jack dempsey
2 small mooriis
1 yellow arotus
1 electric blue krib? im really not sure what that guy is and these spellings are horrendous i know.
1 frontosa
1 buttersomethingcantremember

basically a terrible amount of cichlids, but the tank has great cycle power, crystal clear, and my ammonia is basically 0 to minimal.

ive recently painted the sides black and switched up the decorations, my actual glass is really old so it looks hazy in pics, but barely noticeable in person, + 15 more large cichlids have been added and a bunch of anacharis :D

i also have a 10g with a 30-55g powerhead + 200 airpump and tons of plants with
3 mystery snails
a 3 legged frog
2 guppies
2 platys
3 mollies
kind of overstocked but my filter keeps it super clean along with the plants, ill get pictures of it soon, its a fairly newly set up tank

nice to meet you guys i hope i can contribute with what knowledge i have but i wont argue with good ideas because aquariums are a lot about leaving them alone and letting mother nature do its ~beautiful~ work.